tragus piercing earrings

The Unique And Charming Looks While Wearing Tragus Earrings

Tragus earrings will be a great choice among the available accessory options you can find nowadays, especially if you wanted something different to wear. Charming looks is not easy to achieve for some people, since they wanted something different and unique to make them looks beautiful and charming at the same time, which is why adding some accessories like earrings will be a great way to do it. There is […]

march birthstone rings

Colorful and Meaningful Birthstone Rings

Birthstone rings are finger jewelries which are usually worn to signify the month of user’s birthday. This type of rings is an alternative type of ring that can be worn to give certain identity. It is because there are other types ring that that show identity like engagement ring and marriage ring. In past times, rings were social status identifier since common folks could not afford gems as identifier due […]

diy earring holder

Finding Fancy And Sturdy Earring Holder To Keep Your Earrings Safely

Earring holder will be a necessary addition if you have a huge variety of earrings collection, especially if you want to keep everything neat and easy to find when you need to get the right earrings to wear on specific events. Accessory like earring is necessary if you want to enhance your looks even further, especially if you already got the right attire and hairstyle to go with, and you […]

antique masonic rings

Choosing Antique Masonic Rings

Masonic rings have been a very unique and cultic accessories that you can wear. If you want to look more unique, you can complete your appearance by wearing this unique rings. Freemason have long been known as a secret organization that shape and influence today‚Äôs world in many level and life aspects. Although there are no specific evidence or detailed written documents about it, still freemason become an organization that […]

sexy tounge rings

Read This Before You Pierced Tongue Rings

Tounge rings have become a culture that is adopted by many people in this days. Getting ring pierced in your tounge are considered artistic and unique by some people. This culture have become one type of piercing that is populary asked by many people. Different people have different reason in piercing their tounge with ring. Some says that it makes them looks good, some says that it will become an […]